Conscious Parenting… Heal Create & Nurture Your Family the Heart’s Way

BE A Guiding Light for Our New Generation

Is Conscious Parenting for you?

Whether you are contemplating becoming a parent for the first time or have several children already

Whether you are a step parent, an aunt, uncle, grandparent, or someone with children in your care

If you are trying to navigate your way through the myre of your own childhood wounding

Or you are a professional supporting families

You are welcome to explore these pages!

“May the Conscious Parenting Services I offer you bring hope, inspiration and a renewed commitment to Healing, Creating and Nurturing the New Paradigm of Family…where each one of us is free to express and expand our true potential in the context of unconditional love, happiness and peaceful cooperation.”                Caroline Beazley

Learn more about Caroline Beazley’s Conscious Parenting Aproach here…


It is never too late to heal your timeline or reset the tone between you and those you care about SO open your heart to the possibility of positive change.

Inner Child Therapy

Couple Counselling

Birth Trauma Release


Prepare your body, mind & spirit for parenting; make your Heart’s Call AND LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! this new soul into your world.

Fertility Healing, Conception Preparation

Pregnancy BodyWork, Conscious Birth Coaching


With loving presence, care and attention you can walk beside children in their Becoming… AND DISCOVER YOURS at the same time…

Parent Coaching

Child Therapy

Conscious Parenting Education

What Our Clients Say…

“Caroline has been a fantastic counsellor for both my partner and I. She has worked with us as a couple as well as individuals. She was warm and inviting which made us feel comfortable to be able to express ourselves and share our personal experiences. Caroline helped us to work through our issues and  find solutions through our tough times. Thank you Caroline for everything you have done for us and our family, we are very greatful for all your warmth, love, support and life experience.” 


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