Parenting Education

Conscious Parenting Principles

I have identified 7 key principles which can guide our parenting practice….
Self Reflection


In choosing to parent consciously we recognise…
  • Our Heart’s connection to the greater Presence of Life and thus its limitless creative potential as an agent of truth, freedom, unconditional love, wisdom and healing – we strive to empower that heart presence in our daily lives.
  • The creative responsibility we each have for how we direct our life’s energy through our thoughts, feelings, words and actions.
  • The mirror our outer experiences offer us as a reflection of our inner soul life both individually and collectively.
  • As we pay more attention to creating balance within ourselves so too do we effect positive change in our families, in our communities, in our world.

In your individual work with me, in my Conscious Parenting Courses and Circles and in our Conscious Parenting Community online, you will have the opportunity to explore how to engage and live these principles in your daily parenting journey.

Conscious Parenting Circles

Parenting is as much an inner journey as an outer one and I know that there are many forward thinking, deep feeling, conscious people who value the connection being part of a wisdom circle can bring. I love to create a sacred space where parents and those who are committed to enabling our next generation to grow in love and freedom can come together to share, reflect, create and nurture the change our hearts desire for ourselves, our families and our communities. 

Our Collective Presence of Love and Wisdom IS the healing and change we all seek!

What Clients Say…    
“Just to let you know that our group meetings really did help me a lot, amazing what a difference it made. I think it is such an important thing you are doing.” J.Jellick 
SO If you are in need of inspiration and support on your conscious parenting journey then I encourage you to make contact with me to see if there is a Conscious Parenting Circle or Conscious Parenting Course on offer in your neighbourhood 
OR If you feel inspired to co-ordinate a Conscious Parenting Circle here in Auckland for your network of parent friends I would be happy to come and facilitate your group. 
Contact me to discuss how we can make this happen…
For me there is still nothing that compares to real, ‘live’ people meetups but I have discovered over many years of offering parenting support and education, that the reality for many families nowdays, is that it can be a huge challenge to “show up” to a series of classes or support group meetings. Even offering weekend workshops are no guarantee that there is childcare support on hand and of course if the kids get sick, the best laid plans unravel pretty quickly! 
THUS I have also transformed my Conscious Parenting Course into a … 

Conscious Parenting E-Course

A bite sized, 7 WEEK SERIES of  EMAIL DOWNLOADS of Inspiration, Reflection and Practical tools, that you can choose to work through at your own pace, in your own space!
During this E-course you will…
  • Gain an understanding of 7 key principles that empower conscious parenting
  • Identify your personal response toeach of these principles as they relate to your current parenting situation
  • Learn and practise simple, supportive exercises which enable you to apply these principles in your daily parenting journey
  • Develop a plan for addressing current parenting challenges
  • Identify follow up support options including whether you want to opt into an personalised parent coaching session with me

The Conscious Parenting E-Course Includes…

  • 7 x weekly email lessons on each of my Conscious Parenting Principles
  • Written guidelines, inspirational quotes and Self-Reflective worksheets
  • Audio Guided Contemplation Exercises for you to practise along with my voice
  • Access to online support from me throughout the Course
  • the option of an extra 1 hour focussed coaching session with me via skype for a special price
What Clients Say…    
“This was a great “soul food” course. It affirmed my experiences as a parent and has given me areas for further development. Thank you Caroline.” JB. Mother of 4.
“After today’s lession I contemplated with my husband what we were doing in the evening which might be contributing to our baby being unsettled. We’ve made a few changes and our baby has been more settled since. Incredible!” HP.
“You’re a life saver! Since attending your course I have more patience and my four year old is much more even keeled than before. Making time to give him loving attention has stopped his demanding behaviour… we are both happy and I am getting the space I need.” IR.
“I am calmer now within our morning routine. I no longer have to battle with my boy to get him out the door to school – in fact, he has been so great at being ready early that I rewarded him with his favourite breakfast in bed the other morning, which, of course he LOVED.” NM.
$95 for the E-Course
$170 for the E-Course PLUS an extra hour of personalised coaching with Caroline via skype
To start your Conscious Parenting E-Course now…Contact Caroline
Conscious Parenting Presentations

I AM passionate about spreading the message of conscious parenting and thereby creating a more conscious community.

I VALUE the creative spark that is lit when you have a group of people gathered together to share and reflect on their experiences… this is the way we INSPIRE each other and build momentum to positively change and evolve the consciousness of our communities.

IF YOU are part of any group that acts in some form of caring capacity for children and youth… then I would LOVE the opportunity to facilitate a CONVERSATION for your group.

MY GIFT of long years of experience in facilitation is to work alongside you to create a presentation that meets your group’s practical need for inspiration and cutting edge change.

I welcome your contact below…. Caroline