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Have you had a birth experience that left you feeling distressed, traumatised, disempowered or a failure?

Did that labour and birth put you or your baby’s life in danger or result in unwanted physical or emotional effects for either of you? Perhaps since then you’ve been advised not to attempt natural childbirth again and you now fear becoming pregnant?

Did you feel forced to have medical interventions that you did not want? Were you separated from your baby after birth which interfered with your natural bonding time or ability to breastfeed successfully? Perhaps you felt your voice of intuition wasn’t heard by your support team? Or that the priority for a safe delivery meant your personal rights to privacy, comfort and dignity were neglected?

Maybe you have realised over the years that your traumatic birth experience and its after effects has impacted your ability to fully connect with and love your child in the way that you want to? 

Regardless of whether this event happened recently or long years past, if you have a desire to resolve how you feel, to have your voice heard and to invite healing for yourself, your child and anyone impacted by these unfortunate birth experiences, I welcome you to participate in our upcoming ‘Love’s Rebirth’ residential healing retreat!


Our ‘Love’s Rebirth’ weekend programme has been designed with compassion and care to support you through a profound birth trauma release process that will enable you to begin to reverse the negative effects that your experience has had on your wellbeing and motherhood.

Vaughan Park Retreat Centre is a beautiful property overlooking Long Bay Regional Park on Auckland’s North Shore. It is purposefully built offering stunning views, comfortable accommodations and full catering in a tranquil setting to enhance your healing experience. The venue, owned by the Anglican church, is made available for public hirage – our retreat programme, though holistic and heart-centered in its approach, is non-denominational. You can view more photos of our venue here.


On the Friday afternoon, our group programme begins in the Thomas Vaughan room at 4.30pm. You are able to check in to your accomodation anytime from 12pm… so beat the traffic, settle in early and unwind with a relaxing beach walk before we get started! Most of the accomodation available is single – ie. 1 person per room. There are 5 twin share rooms available, so if you are a pair of friends or siblings wishing to attend the programme together as room mates, you’ll need to be quick to book in with your request!

All meals including morning and afternoon teas will be catered from dinner Friday evening through to lunch on Sunday. Our programme excluding meal breaks totals 17 hours for the weekend as follows:

Friday 4.30pm to 9.30pm

Saturday 9am to 9.30pm

Sunday 10am to 4.30pm

The ‘Love’s Rebirth’ programme creates a safe container for compassionate nurturing of every single participant. The birth release processes will occur in small groups of 3-4 and the total number of participants on the retreat is limited to 21 which means together we can develop deeper connections to support each other in this intimate healing work.

During the course of the weekend there will be opportunity for you to:
  • Contemplate your own healing intentions and act to create positive change
  • Share your birth story in a small group alongside other mothers with shared experience 
  • Feel heard and be received with compassion – wherever you are at in your process 
  • Give and receive somatic healing of physical / emotional symptoms – this will be in the form of movement, breath, sound, colour and gentle touch, under the guidance and direction of our professional facilitators
  • Connect to your inner knowing and share your intuitive wisdom as a group of women and mothers
  • Participate in simple celebration / ritual that honours motherhood and invites healing of the heart
  • Resolve any unfinished communication related to your birth experience
  • Re-imagine a new paradigm for positive birth experiences that support the sacred rights of birthing mothers
  • Learn techniques that facilitate healing for your child around what happened at their birth 
  • make new friends and find belonging in a group of women all there for the same purpose
  • Enjoy time out for yourself alongside the structured programme, in a tranquil, nurturing, healing environment 


Caroline Beazley welcomes the support of Lisa Maurer in assisting her to facilitate the Love’s Rebirth programme. Lisa is an experienced craniosacral therapist based in Kerikeri, who specialises in the care of mothers and babies. She is also an ‘EmbodyBirth’ Practitioner . You can learn more about her work here.


Payment is via Paypal or Direct Debit / internet banking…


Single room (linen included) $73.00 Per night, per guest

Twin / share room (linen included) $68.00 Per night, per guest


$150 for the fully catered weekend. All meals are vegetarian. Please advise on your registration form if  you have special dietary requirements for health intolerances and allergies, so that these can be catered for. 


Deposit $100  to hold your space – payable when registration has been accepted.

Earlybird $380 [includes deposit] payable in full by Friday August 3rd. Please note Accommodation and Food would also need to be paid in full at the same time.

Late registration. [after Aug 3rd] $450. Weekly instalments of the total owed for attendance, food and accommodation is acceptable. Payment must be complete by Friday 24th August.

Any other arrangements around payment are considered on a case by case basis.

Please note All payments are non refundable as per the venue hire requirements and policies.


Please complete the form below then Caroline will be in touch with you by phone to discuss your registration and answer any questions you might have. Thankyou.