Child Consultation

You only need to take a moment to reflect on how life was for you as a child… to realise that children are as deeply affected by the events and experiences of their lives as adults are!

It is important that children are given the opportunity to make sense of themselves and the world around them in a way that is appropriate for their age and development. Equally important is that the inner ‘knowing soul’ of the child is recognised, honoured and nurtured. These New Millenium children are incarnating at a time of fast-paced change on our planet. They are more ‘awake’ and spiritually aware than was evident in previous generations BUT they still need our loving presence and guidance, protection and assistance to enable them to retain and expand their special gifts and abilities.

My Approach to Working with Children
Firstly, I will always connect with the parent / caregiver for a thorough assessment of need before agreeing to meet with a child. In the instance where there are child behavioural issues, I often find that my conscious parenting sessions with parents will create the necessary change without need to bring the child in to see me.
Where there is a definite emotional trauma or health issue that needs resolving, I utilise creative, age appropriate, healing therapies that encourage freedom of self expression. Techniques I use may include breath, sound, voice, drawing, colour consciousness and movement that empowers the child to:
  • release physical and emotional pain, anxiety and stress
  • resolve traumatic memory
  • reclaim their own personal space and sense of feeling safe
  • learn self soothing techniques to restore wellbeing
  • develop courage and confidence to accept and love themselves


Children LOVE colour and colour is the language of our soul. When drawing, children’s expressive use of the colours they choose, speak about what is going on for them on the inside, in a way that they may not, as yet, be able to articulate in words. In an age appropriate way, I will explore and unfold the colour story of your child’s drawing with them to bring focus to the core issues that may be concerning them. Then together we will RE-imagine and enact the positive solution, ‘bringing to life’ a constructive way to move forward that restores their peace, happiness and self confidence.


What Clients Say…    

… The mother of a seven year old boy experiencing bedwetting and nightmares 

“My son was seven when he saw Caroline for a consult. He was waking in the night with bad dreams. He also wet his pants most days and every night. We were puzzled about the bad dreams and had tried many things for the wetting, all with no success. When our son couldn’t find the words to explain what was troubling him, his colour drawings revealed all to Caroline. She invited him to draw his dream which revealed that there was some bullying at school. She was also able to discover that he was feeling unhappy about an aggressive child in our street making frequent visits to our home. Following her time with my boy, Caroline was able to enlighten me and give me some practical solutions. The bullying would be addressed at school and we made a plan in conjunction with our son. He also had a right to determine who came into our house, instead of there being an open door policy. Stopping computer games two hours before bed was also suggested for our boy and his active imagination. Caroline spoke positively to our son about his own inner strength and she gave him a visualisation exercise to do each morning of ‘putting an invisible cloak of protection around himself’. She also helped him with some positive affirmations about staying dry. Our son was quite happy with our plan. I think that as he felt more in control about who was coming into our house that it gave him confidence at school too. Caroline is a skillful counsellor who has a genuine interest in children. She was a tremendous help to us and I would highly recommend her.”  Midwife & Mother of three.

.. an 11 year old girl who presented with chronic back pain, poor bladder control and sibling conflict…
 Session 1 – Introductory Sound Bath
“It was nice and peaceful. Certain tones vibrated like a flute. I felt most of the sounds in the area of the lower abdomen, some up and down my spine, and some in the legs and a little all over. My pain level is now 2.5 out of 10. It was 4 when we began. I want to return for some more.”
Session 2 – Sound Healing for Headache and Lower Back Pain
“I had pins and needles” tingling up the spine as you worked which has now faded. I also felt tingling in the right side of the head when you were working there. I saw a “blue haze” in my spine and when you were making the baby sounds I saw “a woman making funny sounds to a baby”. My pain level has gone from 3.5 to 2.”
Session 3 – Active Pain Release that the girl participated in with breathwork, soundwork and physical stretching exercises.
“I noticed I had no feeling in my lower spine. Sounding into each vertebra there, I was surprised by the different sounds that emerged from me. In the sounds I could hear that some vertebrae held pain and others didnt. After we finished, lying still I noticed pulsing in my wrists, temples and lower spine.”
… a high school student transitioning to tertiary education

“For my eighteenth birthday I was gifted a Colour Consciousness Consultation with Caroline. I was making the transition from high school to university not knowing whether I was making the right decision for my future career and it felt like a huge decision. I was amazed at how much Caroline intuitively knew about me from the colours I had chosen. Not only was she right about everything she said about me but I also learnt more about myself. There was an automatic bond and I felt so comfortable talking to her. Caroline is delightful and an amazing guide to your own self discovery.”