Conscious Birth

“What a wonderful beginning it is, when a new life is conceived and brought to birth with a conscious intention of love and nurturing!
I am honoured to walk beside you as you anticipate the journey ahead. 
I see my role as assisting you to re-awaken your inner knowing; 
to connect more deeply to your body wisdom and to embrace the soul connection you have with your unborn child.” 
Conscious Birth Benefits
  • Your physical, emotional and mental wellbeing does impact the baby in utero. Consciously directed love, presence and protection offers your child the best possible start to life. Ideally this preparation begins before conception.
  • Self reflection enables you to look at your own life experiences and parent modeling. You can reset intentions if necessary so that patterns which have not served you well, wont affect the wellbeing of the family you are now creating.
  • Developing deeper inner listening and stillness enhances your intuition and enables heartfelt communication and bonding with your unborn child.
  • A conscious toolkit for birth and beyond reconnects you to your inner knowing of how to respond to your own needs and that of your baby with confidence.
  • Purposeful visualization empowers you to trust your innate body wisdom and capacity to deliver a healthy baby naturally with ease and joy.
Conscious Birth Consultations
I welcome the opportunity to support you in your journey to becoming a parent.
Depending on your circumstances, you can pick and choose from the menu of offerings below OR better yet, Contact Caroline to book our CONSCIOUS BIRTH PACKAGE – a complete package of care designed around your need and within YOUR budget that will support you all the way through pregnancy, birth and beyond.
Fertility Consultations
Not all couples fall pregnant easily or have success in carrying a pregnancy full term.
My husband Audie and I offer a holistic assessment of what may be contributing causes to your fertility challenges. We work intuitively to reveal the energetic, emotional, mental or spiritual issues creating infertility and then we assist you to resolve and release unwanted energies or historic issues that may be preventing you from manifesting the family you truly desire.
The techniques we offer may include a recommended combination of intuitive bodywork, sound healing and counselling.  All of these therapies are complementary to any medical treatment you may be undertaking.
Ideally we will see you as a couple for the first appointment which may take between 90-120 minutes. Audie and I will work together to offer a holistic bodywork assessment and treatment of each of you. There will be time for explanation of our processes, discussion of our findings and a plan co-created with you for any follow up appointments.
Our combined charge for this four hand approach is $150 per hour. You can choose to see us separately [$100 per hour] however we have had great results with people by combining our masculine-feminine healing potential, so we do highly recommend you see us both together especially for that initial assessment. 
To learn more about Audie visit his website
What Clients Say…  “My husband and I have been trying to get pregnant for about three years now and it hasn’t been an easy journey.  Like many we have gone down the road of IVF with some success however our pregnancies never latest more than 8 weeks. I began looking into other treatments.  Being Maori, for me it was important to heal my Wairua. I first met Caroline and Audie about 2 years ago. They picked up on the energy of an ectopic pregnancy that my body was still holding on to from 20 years ago.  Caroline’s sound healing along with Audie’s ‘kawe mate’ process have helped my body release this along with the other souls I have lost. These processes were completed when I felt ready to let go. I feel much more relaxed now and while I’m still not pregnant yet, I believe that I will be. Audie and Caroline were so welcoming to me.  They have a presence around them that is calming and loving.  Receiving the bodywork along with the colour and sound healing was an amazing experience and truly beautiful.  I would strongly recommend Audie and Caroline’s healing treatment/experience to anyone.” Annie
Conscious Birth Toolkit Series – Group Antenatal Classes
Practise simple exercises using Breath, Colour, Sound, Visualisation and Body Awareness that will support you to create a safe, loving and sacred space in which to receive your precious child.
  • Deepen your inner listening
  • Prepare and nurture your changing body
  • Communicate with the soul of your baby
  • Take care of your thoughts and feelings
  • Refine your birth plan to engage self-empowering labour support
  • Invite strength, flow and ease for the birth
  • Feel supported by a group presence of love, wisdom and shared experience
This is a 4 week series of one hour group antenatal classes I facilitate in Auckland. Next series runs on a Monday night 7-8pm Nov 11th, 18th, 25th and Dec 2nd 2019 at Mama Inc 13 Coyle Street, Sandringham. Series Fee $100. Limited spaces available.
Conscious Birth Toolkit Series Registration
Please fill out the form below if you wish to attend my next series of classes.
You will need to bring a yoga mat, blanket, pen and journal.
Caroline will be in touch with you to follow up on your registration and arrange payment. Thank you.
Haputanga – Pregnancy Bodywork
Haputanga is a Traditional Maori Healing approach to caring for the Mother and Baby during the antenatal and post natal period. 
It utilises a combination of gentle massage [particularly to the abdomen], body alignment and pressure point activation to maximise comfort and wellbeing of the Mother and enhance healthy growth of the baby in utero.
Haputanga is recommended to commence after the first trimester and ideally is continued weekly up until the birth.
It is also helpful for the Mother to return after the birth for a bodywork session to assist body re-alignment, restoration and healing of the pelvic and abdominal organs following the birth process.
Benefits for mother
it eases the discomforts that pregnancy may induce
eg. back pain, muscle aches and strains, sore feet, pelvic and abdominal discomfort, tiredness, stress
Benefits for baby
The gentle yet purposeful abdominal massage relaxes and calms babies and restores the flow of amniotic fluid around them thus assisting growth
Family Bonding
Haputanga offers parents the opportunity to connect with their growing baby in a very intimate, nurturing way.
My husband Audie and I work together in this approach and we are also happy to demonstrate these techniques to the Mother’s Partner so this practice can be continued at home.
To learn more about Audie visit his website
What Clients Say…  “I highly recommend Audie and Caroline… I had a haputanga mirimiri (Maori pregnancy massage) from them both… great couple working together in harmony… As a mother of 8 children with the 9th one on the way – my body has been through a lot! having this bodywork helped with relieving back pain, sore hips and blockages throughout my body… I would suffer from cramps in my legs every night but since the haputanga I have not had any more cramps… the night of the mirimiri I slept like a log – best sleep I have had in a long time…. feeling relieved, relaxed and I will definitely be back for more…. for ever grateful xxx” Jac 
Antenatal Counselling

Your consciousness, quite naturally, connects to the circle of life  when you are expecting to welcome a new baby into your family.

Your thoughts may turn to…
  • your own birth and childhood
  • your parents’ experience of bringing their children into the world
  • birth trauma from your previous pregnancies
  • your connection now to your family of origin, your wider family and community in which you live and what part they might play in your child’s life
  • your hopes and expectations for your new family

These thoughts can, in turn, elicit some powerful emotions and bring to your awareness unresolved issues that now feel timely to address. I am able to gently guide you through this process of self reflection as you choose what to put aside and what to embrace as you move forward into parenthood.

Trauma Release Sessions

Unresolved trauma is held in the cellular memory of the body until it is consciously released. The body-centric and intimate nature of pregnancy and birth procedures may trigger post traumatic stress responses in women who have a history of sexual abuse, miscarriage, termination or previous birth trauma.

I am experienced in facilitating safe and sacred conscious traumatic memory release which will enable you to go forward into this birth feeling less fearful and more empowered. I use techniques that include breath, sound, positive visualisation and active bodywork to support you to release trauma safely and effectively. 

Conscious Birth Vocal Sound Preparation 

Intentional Sounding is an incredible tool to support your pregnancy and birth and can be undertaken after the first trimester of pregnancy.

  • Bond with and nourish  your growing baby with your unique, loving sound vibrations
  • Learn how to release the discomforts of pregnancy through  breath and sound
  • Prepare your body, mind and soul for a more conscious birth experience
  • Discover your powerful, primal sounds to assist and ease the birthing process
Beyond Birth
The early weeks and months after the arrival of your precious babe are incredibly demanding on parents, both physically and emotionally. 
Post Natal Consultations can support you as you endeavour to find space for yourself within the new world you have created, with potential for:
  • renewed energy and coping ability
  • enhanced parent / child bond
  • restoring the “love in the little things”
  • self acceptance and nurturing
  • emotional equilibrium

If you are house bound and feeling overwhelmed, I am happy to home visit or make skype contact in those early weeks to help make life just that little bit easier for you. I can work with you to create a simple, practical plan to ensure everyone’s needs are met, especially yours! and I am only ever a text away…

Traumatic Birth Stress 

Have you had a birth experience that left you feeling distressed, traumatised, disempowered or a failure?

Did that labour and birth put you or your baby’s life in danger or result in unwanted physical or emotional effects for either of you? Perhaps since then you’ve been advised not to attempt natural childbirth again and you now fear becoming pregnant?

Did you feel forced to have medical interventions that you did not want? Were you separated from your baby after birth which interfered with your natural bonding time or ability to breastfeed successfully? Perhaps you felt your voice of intuition wasn’t heard by your support team? Or that the priority for a safe delivery meant your personal rights to privacy, comfort and dignity were neglected?

Maybe you have realised over the years that your traumatic birth experience and its after effects has impacted your ability to fully connect with and love your child in the way that you want to? 

Regardless of whether this event happened recently or long years past, if you have a desire to resolve how you feel, to have your voice heard and to invite healing for yourself, your child and anyone impacted by these unfortunate birth experiences, I am here to help.

I am experienced in facilitating safe and sacred conscious traumatic memory release. I use techniques that include breath, sound, positive visualisation and active bodywork to support you to release trauma safely and effectively. CONTACT ME NOW to discuss your need…

What Clients Say…  

“Dearest Caroline, I am writing to thank you for the awesome experience of working with you and sound healing through my pregnancy. The connection I made with my son while in my womb was a beautiful experience and I know my son has gotten a lot from that as he has been the most amazing gift. I am so grateful for everything you have helped me through, you are a wonderful women and anyone would be lucky to work with you.”  Katrina

“I have worked with Caroline individually and also together with her husband Audie. These sessions occurred when I was in the later stages of pregnancy with my third child and after his birth.  I found the sessions such a wonderful healing and nurturing experience.
The haputanga was incredibly restorative and nuturing – Audie and Caroline are very attuned and skilled healers.  I then did some work with Caroline, following on from the bodywork, incorporating Colour Consciousness and Sounding. This was great in helping me let go of some of the trauma of my past birthing experiences and also extended family patterning that Id taken on.
This enabled me to go into my third birthing experience feeling clearer and lighter, and I didnt have the complications Id had for my first two births!  I think the combination of Colour Consciousness and Sounding, built on the bodywork we’d already done together to really help shift stuff for me.  Caroline’s sounding is very special and a sacred experience that bought me to tears it was so beautiful. 
Id highly recommend Caroline to work with, particularly when a woman needs the gentleness around the special and vulnerable time of pregnancy and early parenting.” Rachel
“I was pleasantly surprised by the direct impact of feeling your sounds because I often feel numb to outer stimuli. The first low tones you gave, gave me the boost of energy I needed and I feel more “awake” now than I did at the beginning of the session. My baby began kicking with your sounds – in a good way! I was also aware of sensations around my shoulders and into my back with release of tension. Thank You!” Laurie