Conscious Birth Toolkit Series – Group Antenatal Classes


Practise simple exercises using Breath, Colour, Sound, Visualisation and Body Awareness that will support you to create a safe, loving and sacred space in which to receive your precious child.
  • Deepen your inner listening
  • Prepare and nurture your changing body
  • Communicate with the soul of your baby
  • Take care of your thoughts and feelings
  • Refine your birth plan to engage self-empowering labour support
  • Invite strength, flow and ease for the birth
  • Feel supported by a group presence of love, wisdom and shared experience
This is a 4 week series of one hour group antenatal classes I facilitate in Auckland. Next series runs on a Monday night 7-8 pm Nov 11th, 18th, 25th and Dec 2nd 2019 at Mama Inc 13 Coyle Street, SandringhamSeries Fee $100. Limited spaces available.
Conscious Birth Toolkit Series Registration
Please fill out the form below if you wish to attend my next series of classes.
You will need to bring a yoga mat, blanket, pen and journal.
Caroline will be in touch with you to follow up on your registration and arrange payment. Thank you.

Conscious Parenting Course


Our next 7 hour Course will be split between two Saturday afternoons 1-4.30pm July 6th and July 20th 2019 at Mother-Well Holistic Health, 820 Mt Eden Road 1024, Auckland. Course Fee $190 per person OR $300 when both parents / caregivers attend. Limited spaces available.

  • Gain an understanding of 7 key principles that empower conscious parenting
  • Identify your personal response to each of these principles as they relate to your current parenting situation
  • Learn and practise simple, supportive exercises which enable you to apply these principles in your daily parenting journey
  • Develop a plan for addressing current parenting challenges
  • Identify follow up support options
  • Enjoy sharing and learning in a group with other parents
What Clients Say…    
“This was a great “soul food” course. It affirmed my experiences as a parent and has given me areas for further development. Thank you Caroline.” JB. Mother of 4.
“After today’s lession I contemplated with my husband what we were doing in the evening which might be contributing to our baby being unsettled. We’ve made a few changes and our baby has been more settled since. Incredible!” HP.
“You’re a life saver! Since attending your course I have more patience and my four year old is much more even keeled than before. Making time to give him loving attention has stopped his demanding behaviour… we are both happy and I am getting the space I need.” IR.
“I am calmer now within our morning routine. I no longer have to battle with my boy to get him out the door to school – in fact, he has been so great at being ready early that I rewarded him with his favourite breakfast in bed the other morning, which, of course he LOVED.” NM.


Please fill out the registration form below for our next Course Intake and Caroline will be in touch with you regarding space availability and payment options.

Conscious Parenting Course Registration