Inner Child Therapy

Who is the Inner Child?

Our early experiences of family life and the bonds we created with our parents, care givers and siblings truly shape our sense of self in a profound way. The Inner Child represents the subconscious emotional being within us who still carries the unresolved feelings of hurt, abandonment, rejection, humiliation, trauma or abuse from our childhood experiences.

Inner Child Healing with Caroline

This child within has a deep well of unmet need and has internalised the critical projections of those significant others. From an outer perspective most of us grow up to be quite functional as adults but the Inner Child makes itself known when we find ourselves in situations that trigger our emotional vulnerability.

How do I know if I need Inner Child Therapy?

  1. Did you experience ongoing distress or unresolved grief from the loss of a parent, an absent parent or family separation?
  2. Were you a victim of physical, emotional or sexual abuse or witnessed violence in your home as a child?
  3. Did you have a parent or siblings who were unpredictable or angry to the point that you did not feel safe in their presence?
  4. Were you compelled to take greater responsibility than other children your age to care for yourself or others in your home because your own caregivers were overwhelmed, unwell or incapable?
  5. Did your parents have addictions or work commitments that impacted on their ability to be present to your needs?
  6. Are you experiencing relationship or parenting challenges now where you feel triggered into feeling small, ‘less than’, dis-empowered, fearful, mistrusting, guarded or on the other hand quick to rage, verbally or physically abusive and overly critical?
  7. Are you intimidated by adults in authority over you eg. workplace bosses to the degree that it affects your self confidence and ability to acheive your career goals?
  8. Do you have chronic anxiety, depression, body pain or other physical or mental disorders?
  9. Do you tend to deal with emotional distress by overeating, smoking, drinking, taking drugs, obsessive cleaning or other compulsive behaviours?
  10. Do you find it hard to speak up, express yourself creatively or feel misunderstood like people just dont get you?
You are important!

Reparenting your Inner Child with Caroline

Over many years I have developed expertise in facilitating Inner Child Therapy. My approach is heart-centred and honouring of your greater wisdom within and ability to re-parent your own Inner Child. I am a compassionate guide to support you to bring healing and resolution to deeply held hurts and early emotional trauma. This profound process invites both self nurturing and self responsibility. 

Because of the deep and sensitive nature of this work I recommend we connect for a weekly series of sessions. Usually a minimum of three to begin and then we review the need to continue from there. Deeper traumatic memory resolution may require several consultations.

Our work and play! together will bring a new wisdom and forgiveness to those past experiences so that you and your loved ones are ‘given back’ into the loving care of each one’s own Divine Presence as the true source of unconditional love and direction for your lives.

What Clients Say:

“Caroline’s guidance has been such a gift. She embodies the tenderness and intuition of a divine mother. She holds space for me to connect with my inner child to heal and empower my Self. With the tools and patience that Caroline has offered me, I am learning how to love and parent my inner child in a way that positively affects all parts of me. The healing that has come from our first sessions has been life changing. She carries an awakened heart, and I’m humbled and inspired by the presence and insight she has cultivated. Thank you Caroline!” Alicia

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