Meet Caroline

I began my career as a Registered Nurse in 1990, later completed a Graduate Diploma in Counselling and continued to work as a counsellor up until the birth of my first child in the year 2000. As worldly wise as I may have thought I was! nothing could prepare me for how profoundly life changing motherhood is!

In some ways I felt more ‘present’ and connected than ever to myself and my body. Yet in those early months I also felt as though “I” had disappeared under the ever pressing demands of this miraculous, very dependent little being. Alongside the responsibility of bringing this new soul into the world, came an innate, yet profound awakening to my own deeper intuition and a growing desire to explore how to make sense of life from a different perspective than before. I sought out and opted for natural, holistic wisdom to support the health and wellbeing of my family and I have never looked back!

At the time I had my children, both my own parents had already passed away, my mother had died in childbirth when I was just three. It was sad that my boys never had the opportunity to know their maternal grandparents but these events also left me free to find my own way of parenting from a more intuitive space. Thus, out of my own early experiences of loss and inner self development as a parent, came the gift of my life’s work!

Since becoming a mother I have trained in many holistic, intuitive, healthcare approaches including dreamwork, colour consciousness,  indigenous bodywork and sound/voice healing. I launched my Conscious Parenting Services back in 2009 and they have continued to develop alongside the changing needs of my own family. It gives me great joy to share my intuitive learnings to support and nurture the wellbeing of  other families. I care deeply that the children being born into this new millenium have every opportunity to be met from a more conscious space, to be welcomed in the context of the purity and love necessary for them to develop their fullest potential.

 Alongside parenting enquiries, I welcome the invitation to present to groups to spread the message of Conscious Parenting and I also value the opportunity for cooperative networking with like minded people who share my passion for creating more conscious communities… 

Lets Be the LOVING Change This World Needs…

Conscious Parenting ServicesI want Conscious Parenting to be accessible to as many families as possible. Thus I offer a sliding scale menu of fees that is flexible depending on

  • your financial circumstances
  • whether the consult is for individual, couple, child or family
  • the number of consultations you are likely to need to resolve issues

A typical consultation length with me is between 60 and 90 minutes.

I accept a minimum payment of $60 for low income families up to the full fee of $150 per session, to be agreed in our initial meeting.

Fertility consultations where my husband and I offer a four hand treatment are charged at $150 per hour.

May any exchange between us be a gift that keeps on giving for the expansion of love in this world!

Caroline Beazley ♥