Parent Coaching

Being a parent is one of the most important commitments you will ever take on. It is a sacred contract between souls that exists to facilitate the expansion of love. Parenting is a profound journey that takes you to the heart of the human experience of caring for one another. It brings with it countless blessings, challenges and opportunities for growth, change and healing. 

Conscious Parenting is a heart-centred approach to nurturing ourselves and our families.
Why Parent Consciously?
  • To nurture authentic relationships within your family that honour each one’s right to unconditional love, respect and self determination.
  • To truly keep the best interests of your children at heart thus enhancing their ability to realize their true potential in life.
  • To improve your capacity to meet the ever changing needs of your family in a positive and balanced way.
  • To stop repeating cycles of destructive or self limiting relationship patterns.
  • To bring resolution and healing to your own difficult childhood experiences.
  • To allow yourself the opportunity to develop and improve your parenting and relationship skills.
The Early Years
Even though your children are growing more independent each day, they still thrive very much within the protective heart energy of you as the parent. As such, young children are very open emotionally and spiritually to your emotional energies and the energies in their environment…. you may have noticed how little ones can seem to be more fractious or unsettled on those very days when you are feeling overwhelmed or stressed!
As you pay more attention to creating balance within yourself you will discover that the flow of unconditional love for your family is restored and you will be better empowered to deal with parenting challenges as they arise.
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 The School Years
It is truly amazing to observe your children growing up. They develop their own personalities, gifts and talents, and gradually want to take on greater responsibility for themselves and their choices. This, of course, brings different parenting challenges, as you find yourself negotiating again and again a different way of being in relationship with your children, particularly through the teen years.
You might be horrified [or amused] to hear yourself saying the very same things to your own children as were said to you as a child!  You might reconnect with  your own painful childhood experiences through those of your children… Inevitably we do bring our own past conditioning and learned behaviour to our parenting role which does impact our children both positively and negatively.
TAKE HEART! We have the opportunity in every moment of each day to consciously work on and change behaviours that we know aren’t in the best interests of our family. It is more important that your children see your commitment to working on yourself and your relationships with them, than always doing it perfectly. Its about keeping it real.
Parenting Consultations

I know that no two families have the exact same circumstances, thus I am pleased to be able to offer my experience and intuition to work alongside you in your own unique parenting context. Together, we will complete a holistic assessment of your family’s current need for support. Depending on your location and circumstances, I am available to home visit or connect via skype if you are unable to attend meetings in person. 

If during the course of our assessment it becomes apparent you have your own unresolved childhood trauma to address, I have a lot of experience in supporting clients with this special ‘Inner Child’ work, as discussed below…

Reparenting the Inner Child:
Perhaps the greatest cause of our personal unhappiness is our tendancy towards emotional enmeshment and subtle manipulation dynamics in our primary relationships… in a misguided bid for unconditional love and acceptance, or an overwhelming urge to ‘rescue’ our nearest and dearest, we spend more time invested in everybody else’s business than we do in our own! Often these maladaptive patterns are learnt early in life and may require conscious reparenting of our ‘inner child’. This profound process invites both self nurturing and self responsibility. I am a compassionate guide to support you to bring healing and resolution to deeply held hurts and early emotional trauma. Our work and play! together will bring a new wisdom and forgiveness to those past experiences so that you and your loved ones are ‘given back’ into the loving care of each one’s own Divine Presence as the true source of unconditional love and direction for your lives.

What Clients Say…    
“Caroline Beazley helped me tremendously at my lowest period in my life after I lost my wife to illness followed by an accident that left me in hospital for 3 months away from my family.
Caroline helped me through my grieving time and assisted me to renew my purpose with my 3 beautiful boys. She has also helped my 14 year old son work through some challenges at school. Caroline is a wonderful person who provides a wonderful service to our community and I would recommend her services to all in need.”  Leo
“Caroline’s guidance has been such a gift. She embodies the tenderness and intuition of a divine mother. She holds space for me to connect with my inner child to heal and empower my Self. With the tools and patience that Caroline has offered me, I am learning how to love and parent my inner child in a way that positively affects all parts of me. The healing that has come from our first sessions has been life changing. She carries an awakened heart, and I’m humbled and inspired by the presence and insight she has cultivated. Thank you Caroline!” Alicia