Birth Trauma Release

The body-centric and intimate nature of pregnancy and birth procedures may trigger post traumatic stress responses in women who have a history of sexual abuse, miscarriage, termination, previous or current birth trauma.

Unresolved trauma is held in the cellular memory of the body until it is consciously released.

Caroline Beazley

Some Indicators of Birth Trauma

  • A birth experience that left you feeling distressed, traumatised, disempowered or a failure
  • A labour and birth that put you or your baby’s life in danger
  • You felt forced to have medical interventions that you did not want 
  • You feel your voice of intuition hasn’t been heard by your support team
  • Priority for a safe delivery meant your personal rights to privacy, comfort and dignity were neglected
  • You were separated from your baby after birth which interfered with your natural bonding time or ability to breastfeed successfully
  • Unwanted ongoing physical or emotional effects for either of you
  • Your obstetric team have advised you not to attempt natural childbirth again and you now fear becoming pregnant
  • You have realised over the years that your birth experience and its after effects has impacted your ability to fully connect with and love your child in the way that you want to 
  • Relationship / intimacy issues with your partner that are a consequence of your birth experience

Regardless of whether this event happened recently or long years past, if you have a desire to resolve how you feel, to have your voice heard and to invite healing for yourself, your child and anyone impacted by these unfortunate birth experiences, Caroline is here to help.

Birth Trauma Release with Caroline

Caroline is experienced in facilitating safe, sacred, effective, conscious traumatic memory release. She uses techniques that may include reflective listening, conscious breath, sound healing, visualisation for change and active bodywork which will:

  • bring you peace from distressing physical and emotional symptoms
  • give you back the power, dignity and self confidence you lost
  • re-validate your personal rights and reinstate healthy boundaries
  • restore a loving connection between you, your child and your partner
  • enable you to move forward with less fear into another pregnancy

What Clients Say…

“After our sound healing session today I feel lighter and my Wairua is more peaceful. I could feel physical pulsing through my body at times when you were sounding, like the stagnant energy has shifted… I feel now I can let go the trauma of this birth experience. I have the sense there is another baby waiting to come in… I feel that I am ready to brush this off and dance in life again! Thank You…”


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