Couple Counselling

  • Couple counselling can assist you at any stage of your relationship
  • to deepen authentic communication and intimacy
  • prior to marriage or de facto commitment
  • to address relationship challenges as they arise
  • when planning a family to align expectations
  • as parents to work together more consciously and cooperatively
  • to re-negotiate what “togetherness” means in later years of life

Our couple counselling interactions will focus on…

Couple Lovers Romance Romantic  - JillWellington / Pixabay

Enabling both of you to feel heard  

Creating a safe space for honest communication  

Nurturing a heart connection between you and your partner  

Building trust and co-operation  

Resolving conflict peacefully  

Regenerating intimacy  

Aligning expectations

What if my partner refuses to engage in couple counselling?

The heart-centred processes that I use mean that we can still effect great change in relationship dynamics even if only one person is present. 

In cases where there is a high level of tension or volatility between the couple presenting, I will often recommend individual sessions with each party first to hear each one’s story and make an assessment of how best to go forward with couple counselling.

Can we be seen for individual therapy alongside our couple counselling sessions?

I often recommend individual work alongside the couple counselling therapy.

This is because I feel that many of the difficulties we experience in our current life situations and relationships can be traced back to patterns of behaviour we have learned previously.

Often these patterns of conditioning are unconscious or subconscious forces that exert themselves to create the things in our lives that we dont want, rather than what we do want. 

It brings a fresh perspective and creates a new foundation to go forward with. 

My role is to support people to bring conscious awareness to those old wounds so that they can be resolved and healed.

Doing so frees individuals to meet themselves and others in a ‘new moment in time’ with a renewed sense of who they truly are.

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What Clients Say… 

“Jeff and I were engaged and getting married in a few months. There were no major issues for either of us but we thought it was a good idea to see a counsellor before we made this big step. We knew that we had different life experiences and upbringing so ‘checking in’ was important. I was really excited about working with Caroline but Jeff was pretty sceptical! For him this all seemed very much outside of the box, but he said he would try it. After we left we talked about the experience over a coffee. He said that for him the session was a nice balance between traditional couple counselling with problem solving tools etc, and the deeper colour consciousness work of looking at your emotions and soul, what was going on inside. He felt comfortable right from the start, and said the session was really well organised. He said it was such an interesting way to delve into stuff that would normally be hard to talk about. For myself, I came away feeling excited and refreshed. We both felt really connected to each other. It was such a special experience to do together. We addressed some underlying issues and were given tools to help us navigate through our next phase together. Jeff has actually been back again by himself which was awesome! For couples thinking about working through stuff together, this was such a great experience.” 


“We worked with Caroline during the most difficult time in our lives. Our work together gave us a special opportunity to express our vulnerability and truth. There was no judgement but always guidance and support. In addition, our individual therapy sessions made it possible to experience a special moment of honesty and get in tune with our true essence. Our work together did not give us a short cut to finding inner peace but it did bring us to a place of truth from where we can start the process. Caroline is a very special person in our hearts and we wish her all the wonders under the sun for her journey ahead.” 


“Caroline has been a fantastic counsellor for both my partner and I. She has worked with us as a couple as well as individuals. She was warm and inviting which made us feel comfortable to be able to express ourselves and share our personal experiences. Caroline helped us to work through our issues and  find solutions through our tough times. Thank you Caroline for everything you have done for us and our family, we are very greatful for all your warmth, love, support and life experience.”  


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